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Pro Tips and Hints
Arrow Sideways pressure from the guide disc must be as light as possible. After some short initial practice you will naturally use less and less sideways pressure.
Arrow Make sure the coating box is "tilted" very slightly to ensure that the coating box blade extends past the very edge of the bead. This is a fine balance that will become second nature to you after short practice. A general rule is that the more the coating box blade extends over the bead the more chance for slop to drop. Slop will happen, but with a little practice, it can be minimized. (See photo to right).
Arrow To ensure a near perfect finish coat always brush down the bead with a sanding pole.  The more attention paid to detail here, the better. You will also find the finish coat to go even faster and easier to apply.
Arrow When boxing bullnose and 120 degree bead, the guide disc must not come into contact with the round part of the bullnose bead itself. If it does it can cause scratches that will require touch ups.   With bullnose bead simply coat the same as regular 90 degree bead but avoid contact between the guide disc and the bullnose bead itself.
Arrow It is acceptable to use a 7 inch coating box then a 10 inch coating box for your finish coat.
It is also acceptable to use a 10 inch coating box then a 12 inch coating box for your finish coat.
Arrow It is also important to note the 7 inch coating box is much easier to use on beads especially for high horizontal beads.   Always use scaffolding when boxing high horizontal beads.
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Make sure the coating box is "tilted" very slightly.

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