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BeadBoxers™ retrofit system makes it possible for anyone to coat all types of corner beads using a flat box. Both experienced and apprentice tapers can now achieve the speed of boxing on all types of corner beads.

BeadBoxers™ patent-pending retrofit kit for flat-boxes allows tapers to 'hook and go' on corner beads. Once BeadBoxers™ are installed, simply hook the box on the corner bead (as shown at right) and the flat-box will self-guide down the corner bead, making a perfect corner, and saving hours! (See directions for detail on technique.)

  • Box quality finishing for all types of beads
  • Save hours of time over hand-coating
  • BeadBoxers™ pay for themselves in hours.
  • Apprentice tapers can coat corner beads perfectly with little practice.
  • One-time installation on the flat box- use on flats and corner beads.
  • BeadBoxers™ are warranted for 90 days after date of purchase from manufacturing defects.

"This is the invention the drywall world needed! I can't believe how fast coating bead is with a box!! I am AMAZED at the speed. What a smart idea, WORTH EVERY CENT"


BeadBoxers™ are great, they are a great time saver. You can coat the bead in less than half the time. Not to mention the quality of your finish product. No more hollow bead, perfect bead every time. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone that uses boxes. Easy to install, with the time it saves me I can have another house about half done during the week. Great product A++++


We are interested in your feedback or questions on BeadBoxers™. Please send us an e-mail with your comments, and we will reply promptly!

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