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BeadBoxers installation diagram

  1. Remove center axle nut and bolt.  Place SPACER BUSHING onto bolt and reattach. Axle should move freely.
  2. Remove both wheels.  Place GUIDE DISCS between factory washer and wheel hub. Reattach wheels. Wheels should spin freely. 
  3. Place BeadBoxers™on axle with GUIDE DISCS. The wear-pin side of the BeadBoxers™should be on the same side as opening on the coating box.
  4. Hand tighten BeadBoxers™.
  5. Once all components have been installed properly onto coating box, and the coating box is filled with thinned compound you can proceed BOXING YOUR BEADS!

 Installation only needs to be done once
There is no need to remove BeadBoxers™ to coat flats. Flat boxes will work on flats and butts with BeadBoxers™ installed!

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