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  1. Apply brake, bring box up to meet wall and ceiling simultaneously. Once box is tight to ceiling loosen brake while gently moving coating box either direction until the GUIDE DISC lightly touches edge of corner bead.
  2. Now apply pressure to the box handle while simultaneously pulling box down corner bead as close to the ground as possible. Repeat until desired finish is achieved. Two to four passes is common on first coat.

    Please note: almost all pressure should be forward into the wall. Excessive pressure on the GUIDE DISC may cause undesirable results to beads.
  3. To coat the bottom of beads simply apply handle brake and place coating box on the lowest spot of unfinished bead. While keeping the brake applied tip box away from wall slightly (about 1 inch) and pull coating box up to previously coated area and feather off. This is much like the same motion used when boxing the lower portion of wall butt joints.
  4. Simply repeat steps 1-3 on opposites.

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