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The Company
Adixx Tools, Inc. is a tool manufacturer headquartered in Faribault, Minnesota. Adixx Tools, Inc. develops and brings to market tools and technologies for the construction industry. The Company specializes in developing and manufacturing new technologies that increase drywall tapers' efficiency, speed, and ultimately their bottom line.

About BeadBoxers™
The company's flagship product is BeadBoxers(tm), a revolutionary retrofit kit for flat boxes, allowing the use of flat boxes to coat corner bead. As the retrofit kit continues to be used successfully by drywallers, it will revolutionize the way bead is finished- saving time, improving quality, and safety on the job.

Mission Statement
The mission of Adixx Tools, Inc. is to help improve the efficiency, speed, and safety in the construction industry by offering high-quality, innovative products. Adixx Tools, Inc. plegdes to conduct business with the highest standards of integrity, while maintaining focus on achieving its goals.

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